A small database of some of the latest Mitsubishi Electric reverse cycle air conditioning units available in Australia and Oceanic Region. This page is constantly being updated as new units are released.

These pages are under construction. Please contact us directly for the latest specific information.

Mitsubishi Electric

Wall Mounted Split Systems

The latest model Mitsubishi Electric wall split system air conditioner's have come a long way with high energy efficiency, state of the art features and stylish indoor units. Available in different styles and colours, whether you need heating or cooling for your home and are ideal for single room applications. They feature all types of functions including fan speed and airflow direction plus with Mitsubishi inverter air conditioner technology, energy consumption and running costs are reduced to help save you money.

They feature standard remotely controlled systems with optional wi-fi controlled systems for extra convenience.

Floor Console Split Systems

The latest model Mitsubishi Electric floor standing split system air conditioner's are an alternative to when there is limited wall space for installing standard wall splits.

Light Commercial + Residential | Mr Slim

The Mitsubishi Electric "Mr Slim" air conditioner's for whole home or light commercial solutions. They come available with different types of indoor units such as ducted air conditioners, low-profile ducted, ceiling cassette, underceiling and more being able to accomodate any type of installation for your home or office.

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PEA-M HAA Series

PEAD-M Series

PLA-M Series

Outdoor Units | Mr Slim

The latest model Mitsubishi Electric "Mr Slim" air conditioner outdoor unit now come available in either "Power Inverter" or "Standard Inverter" being smaller, lighter and easier to install with ultra quiet operating technology.

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PUZ-ZM Series

PUZ-M Series

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