Appointed as a Diamond Dealer when the concept was introduced in 2001 we been a loyal specialist dealer for Mitsubishi Electric in Adelaide since 1987.

We have supported their product for over 30 years, proving to us to be one of the most reliable, quietest and energy efficient air conditiong systems available today. Their reputation for high quality in the industry is well known.

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Reliable performance

They have proven through practice to be one of the most reliable brands in the market today.

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Ultra quiet operation

Their systems strive to be some of the quietest on the market, as low as 18dB in some indoor models.

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Outstanding energy efficiency

Advanced inverter technology and energy saving features help to keep runnings costs down.

We are proud to be one of the first and longest running Mitsubishi Electric specialist dealers in Australia. We have had decades of practical experience specialising in installing and maintaining Mitsubishi Electric systems. Those years of experience goes into making sure the system we provide for you will be professionally and properly installed.

Reliable Performance

Mitsubishi Electric is a renowned and reputable air conditioning brand in the Australian market and worldwide. 90% of commercial tenders we receive, plus knowledgable clients always request Mitsubishi Electric as one of their options. Their proven reliability and quality should give you confidence when you select Mitsubishi Electric to service your home, business or commercial project.

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Mitsubishi Electric systems come with a full 5 year guarantee on their equipment for residential applications.

Family able to sleep peacefully because of their ultra quiet Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system

Whisper quiet operation

Mitsubishi Electric technology allows some of the quietest systems in the industry today. Some of the latest models can operate at a noise level as low as 19dB.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

Diagram showing the energy saving benefits of Mitsubishi Electric inverter technology

Mitsubishi advanced inverter technology is one of the many energy saving features they feature in their systems. With rising energy costs this technology can help keep money in your pocket.

Mechanic working on a Mitsubishi Electric outdoor unit

We are fully trained and qualified in the latest technologies from Mitsubishi Electric and have provided solutions for thousands of clients through our years of experience.

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