From 2.5kW up to 6.0kW the MFZ-KJ Floor Console Series from Mitsubishi Electric is engineered for high performance and quiet operation.


MFZ-KJ25VE 2.5kW 3.4kW
MFZ-KJ35VE 3.5kW 4.3kW
MFZ-KJ50VE 5kW 5.8kW
MFZ-KJ60VE 6kW 6.8kW


Inverter Technology

The Mitsubishi Electric inverter-driven compressor integrates advanced sensor technology to detect subtle changes in temperature. Like a car’s cruise control, the sensors automatically adjust the compressor speed to match system output requirements perfectly. They reduce the system's energy use, unlike conventional compressors that run only at one speed, resulting in an endless wasteful cycle of starting and stopping.

Diagram explaining difference between conventional and inverter split system
Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series Indoor Floor Console Split Unit Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series Indoor Floor Console Split Unit Multi Flow Vane Heating

Multi-Flow Vane Technology

Three uniquely shaped vanes control the airflow and allow the freedom to customise comfort according to preferences. These functions can be activated at the touch of a button on your remote controller.

This technology efficiently circulates air to quickly raise room temperature during cooler months. Multi-flow Vane Technology uses the lower portion of a multiflow vane to angle warm air into the return vent of the indoor unit, where it is re-circulated through the heat exchanger before being released into the room through the top portion of the multiflow vane. This process significantly reduces the time it takes to heat the room, ensuring superior warmth and comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series Indoor Floor Console Split Unit Simple Flat Design

Simple Streamlined Design

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ units feature a new contemporary design that can be recessed into your wall to dramatically reduce the depth of the indoor unit from 215mm to 145mm – a decrease of 33%. With the addition of a removable base, it is the perfect solution offering compact, unobtrusive heating for new buildings, renovation projects and fireplace replacements.

The MFZ-KJ’s stylish, sleek panel suits a variety of aesthetics with minimal obtrusion.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Mitsubishi Electric constantly strive to make their air conditioners as quiet as possible with improvements to fan blade design combined with grille shape.

A “Quiet Mode” setting has been added to the fan speed settings, ensuring super quiet operation. The MFZ-KJ25 in heating mode operates as low as 19dB. This is perfect for the bedroom and won't disturb your sleep.

Family sleeping undisturbed from air conditioner noise
Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Filters

Triple-Action Air Filtration

The filters equipped continuously clean the air of allergens,dust, viruses and bacteria to directly improve your air quality. The filters are washable and last up to 10 years, which saves you money on maintenance.

  • Nano Platinum Filter

    Ceramic and platinum nanoparticles are incorporated into the filter material to provide antibacterial and deodorising characteristics to improve air quality.

  • Deodorising Filter

    These optional platinum deodorising filters use nanotechnology to absorb odours and neutralise the worst smells.

  • Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter

    This optional electrostatic, anti-allergy enzyme filter uses an enzyme catalyst to break down allergen proteins and transform them into nonallergen proteins. It also helps to reduce germs, bacteria and viruses and helps trap dust, pollens, mites and other particles.