Mitsubishi Electric provide various control systems that are easy and simple to operate with advanced functions.

PAR-40MAA Controller

This is the standard wall controller that is included when we install ducted air conditioning systems. It features a backlit LCD display with large characters and symbols that are easy to see even in the dark. The menu system it uses is simple to navigate and operate.

The controller provides basic functions that allow users to turn the machine on or off, adjust the mode, change the temperature and adjust the fan speed.

More advanced functions allow you to set daily timers to schedule automatic operation of the unit at certain times of the day. The timer can also be adjusted from week to week if your daily schedule routine changes.

PAR-40MAA Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted controller
PAC-ZC80L Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted zone controller

PAC-ZC80L-E Zone Controller

This is an advanced wall controller complete with all features of the PAR-40MAA but with additional inbuilt zone control and extra features.

This is a touch screen backlit LCD controller with easy-to-read symbols and display. An LED indicator beneath the controller lights in diffrent colours depending on the operation allowing you to see the operation from a distance without having to walk right up to the controller.

The controller also allows control of up to 8  damper zone motors eliminating the need for a seperate controller.

The controller comes with a built-in temperature sensor that detects the room temperature from itself rather than a sensor located in the indoor unit in the ceiling space.

Up to 5 remote temperature sensors can be connected to the zone controller giving more accurate temperature control and reading.

PAR-CT01MAA Touchscreen Controller

This controller features a full colour 3.5 inch touch-screen. It comes available in standard white colour or premium black for a more sophisticated look.

The interface is user-friendly with large icons and simple to use operation. The display can be fully customised with 180 colour patterns and certain features locked out for added security.

With the bluetooth enabled optional controller it can communicate with an app on your smartphone. Allowing control of the system without having to get out of bed or from your couch.

PAR-CT01MAA Mitsubishi Electric touch screen wall mounted controller

MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Interface

With the installation of a Wi-Fi interface to your Mitsubishi Electric system you can have complete control of your system from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

With the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control app you can perform any fucntion of your air conditioning system as if you were there.

Plus you have the added benefit of additional features with customised operating rules to tailor your system to your individual needs. Programming the system to automatically switch on or off at certain times and complete temperature rules that operate the system depending on the ambient temperature.

This interface can be installed to your existing system and is compatible with existing and recent Mitsubshi Electric models. If you would like to know if your system is compatible please get in touch with us.

Wi-Fi Control logo Using app on their smartphone to control their Wi-Fi Mitsbishi Electric air conditioning system
AE-200E Mitsubishi Electric centralised controller

AE-200E Centralised Controller

Full colour LCD touch screen controller for monitoring and controlling up to 50 indoor units.

Complete CITY MULTI system control system with the abilty to control and monitor on a web page through LAN networks and remotely over the Internet.

Convenient finger-tip complete system control can be yours...

Family using their new Mitsubishi Electric wall split system in comfort

If you would like further advice and recomendations on what you need to help your climate control please get in touch with us. We can provide you with the service you're looking for.

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